Now when we talk about getting customers onto our sites through our high rankings on search engines, it is of course important to keep them there. Imagine having 600 customers walking into your shop every month looking for a particular service, but the shop interior was unappealing, boring, unprofessional, unclear, would they stay? No they would walk next door to the newly refurbished eye catching shop next door offering exactly the same service as you. Its the same with websites, SEO is primarily a marketing method, and your website is another just as important marketing method, it needs to represent the company and give off the right message to the hundreds of customers that view it. Gareth Bull, from recently spoke out on the benefits of SEO marketing for SMBs in his recent talk at BrightonSEO to around 40 people.

On average a human will make its first impression of someone/something in 1/40 second of seeing the thing. If your website is catchy and professional you will retain customers and get more sales. Now how do you create a good website which achieves all these important things? A key thing that most people prefer on websites is its navigation ability, and getting the information they want quickly and simply. The flashy sliding galleries, and slideshows come later on. Make sure your website is simple but not boring and user-friendly – the OAP’s are not the most advance with technology, so they need to be able to navigate around your website and have access to important information.

3 thoughts on “Websites

  1. It is a great help for have a website for your business. If your website is published online, with an addition of SEO and Adsense, it can easily reach the people

  2. yeah, your right Websites is really helpful especially when your having a business. It makes grow and increase your profit as a store owner.

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