Important Qualities Of SEO Writers

When it comes to search engine optimization, it is not only the website design which contribute to high page ranking. SEO articles are also important to help websites reach and maintain higher page ranking. And to acquire SEO articles for your website, not just any writer would do. You must hire SEO writers to create the right articles to help your website reach top search engine rankings. There are millions of writers experts on search engine optimization online. The rate of SEO writers vary depending on their experience and quality of work. If you want to know whether the SEO writer is great or below average, here are the important qualities which can help you gauge SEO writers. This guide was built by Surrey SEO Agency – Surrey SEO.

  1. Experience – Although the algorithms of search engines changes regularly, experienced SEO writers still have the edge over amateur writers for search engine optimization. They do not need to learn and experiment on how to achieve optimum result with their SEO articles. They already know the basic structure of quality SEO articles to meet the expectation of their clients.
  2. Efficiency – SEO writers should be able to write quality SEO articles immediately. They do not need to study basic SEO concepts in order to produce quality articles. Great SEO writers are not only cost efficient but they are also time efficient.
  3. Professional – Just like any other freelancers or employees, SEO writers should exercise professionalism in their job. They must write quality articles with the best interest of their clients in mind.
  4. Smooth keyword integration – Keyword integration is critical in SEO writing. Top SEO writers can integrate keywords smoothly into the articles to avoid being tagged by search engines as keyword spammed articles. Normally, keywords are only 1% on the total number of words in every article.
  5. Knowledgeable – Just like any other writers, knowledge is important especially in writing SEO articles for different niches. Knowledgeable SEO writers can effectively provide multiple articles which are unique and different from one another.
  6. Resourceful – Often times, writers do not have the necessary knowledge to write on a specific niche. Resourcefulness is important on such situation in order to maintain the quality of SEO articles regardless of the niche. Great SEO writers can effectively write multiple articles even in a single topic or keyword.
  7. Flexibility – Flexibility is important for SEO writers especially if their current technique for SEO article writing is no longer effective. They must be able to adopt quickly in order to keep providing their clients quality SEO articles.

Now you know what important qualities should be considered when looking for SEO writers to hire for your website.

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Internet Marketing

There are many methods of getting more customers onto your website, some of which are very subtle but very powerful. The most common is mail marketing – this involves gathering people’s email addresses and sending them weekly newsletters informing them of any updates, discounts, new products, blog etc. Simply by a simple pop-up subscription option on your website customers willingly pass over their email which consents to receiving emails. The marketing advantages for this is the advertising element more than anything. It makes your logo and brand become a familiar brand which will create rapport between your company and the customer.

It must not be forgot that if you are looking for SEO Wales, London and Birmingham have some of the highest reputation for organic results and equipping customers with the most powerful marketing techniques and google rankings. You should do your research before picking a provider, and evaluate if the service you require is needed and worth paying the price for. SEO is not cheap but it it without a doubt an investment which will increase the turnover and traffic of customers you attract into your site.



Now when we talk about getting customers onto our sites through our high rankings on search engines, it is of course important to keep them there. Imagine having 600 customers walking into your shop every month looking for a particular service, but the shop interior was unappealing, boring, unprofessional, unclear, would they stay? No they would walk next door to the newly refurbished eye catching shop next door offering exactly the same service as you. Its the same with websites, SEO is primarily a marketing method, and your website is another just as important marketing method, it needs to represent the company and give off the right message to the hundreds of customers that view it. Gareth Bull, from recently spoke out on the benefits of SEO marketing for SMBs in his recent talk at BrightonSEO to around 40 people.

On average a human will make its first impression of someone/something in 1/40 second of seeing the thing. If your website is catchy and professional you will retain customers and get more sales. Now how do you create a good website which achieves all these important things? A key thing that most people prefer on websites is its navigation ability, and getting the information they want quickly and simply. The flashy sliding galleries, and slideshows come later on. Make sure your website is simple but not boring and user-friendly – the OAP’s are not the most advance with technology, so they need to be able to navigate around your website and have access to important information.


More Customers = More Sales

SEO has been becoming an extremely successful and popular option for many small businesses, competing to get the most customers they possibly can in a specific area. It is now a fact that 98% of people looking for services e.g. plumber, electrician, window fitter etc. will use a search engine to find a provider. With this it is becoming increasingly more essential that businesses take to the web to draw in customers and ultimately run their company. You can get some of the best SEO services by just searching on Google and for specific keywords and researching the r9gth service provider for you. It seems now that if you are not keeping up with the technological developments then you are without a doubt at a major disadvantage to other competitors who are embracing the internet change.

Nowadays people looking for services are even searching their own specific area instead of the old more traditional word and mouth. For example a keyword such as ‘plumbers in Bristol’ is receiving up to 980 searches a month! If you are ranking at the top of google for this keyword, you are ultimately getting 980 potential customers onto your site and more customers = more sales. The idea is to increase the amount of customers who are getting onto your site, which is both potential sale but also great advertising.